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Uncle Sam Diamond

"Uncle Sam Diamond" in the United States, the largest diamond ever found, weighing 40.23 carats, was discovered in 1924, Prairie Pipe Creek I, who was later known as the diamond hole in the garden Wesley Object Linking and pretending to Grandma Mbeding, located in the state of Arkansas. diamond known as the founder of university education and nick named Bachelor of demonstrations, which have been sent with love, as Uncle Sam.
Uncle Sam Diamond nature

Diamond is a 12.42 carat emerald cut stone with an unknown color and clarity grades. State Park in the hole pink diamond with artists and weighed 40.23 carats of diamonds and white diamonds and describes. The clarity of the image of diamonds and diamond appears to be unusual.

Earth tones such as pink diamonds in the mantle, or after the birth of the earth's surface during the creation of the crystalline structure due to a distortion of the plastic can cause. The order of the plastic pink stone ally distorted crystal regions changed absorption spectrum. Thus, "Uncle Sam Diamond" is probably the type Ila diamond, and nitrogen, and the other is free from responsibilities, but the color of the crystal caused by plastic deformation.

Diamond Details

Rough diamond weighing 40.23 carats in 1924 in Arkansas tubes located in the Prairie Creek mine, Arkansas diamond workers conducted by the company, Wesley and imaginary grandmother Ola, who called Nick was the name of Uncle Sam. White rough diamonds in the United States was the largest discovery of diamonds, and still holds the record.

Rough diamonds, and said the cut twice, and another full page - turned into a 12.42-carat cut diamond weighing occasion. In 1971, Uncle Sam diamond for $ 150,000 had been sold to an anonymous buyer informed.

Crater of diamonds state park, located on Highway 301, Pike of the country, near the southwestern state of Arkansas, Murfreesboro, and the public, where visitors are able to search for diamonds, and open diamond mine in the world, and take what they find. In other words, a Park Finders Keepers policy is working, "a policy unique never before been moved to any part of the world, a unique approach has proven a huge success, the park 60,000 visitors a year, on average, of which the a lucky draw to research each year, about 600 diamonds, diamonds for two hours a day on average projects.

Crater of diamonds state park

In search of diamonds state park crater area of 36 acres and a half, and the water they consume precious stones - a volcano known as the Kemper Meadow Creek light pipes effects considered. This diamond or perhaps millions of years ago deep in the earth billions of Earth's crust some 200-300 kilometers below the surface were formed. Later, an explosion of violent explosions of diamonds from the earth were brought to the surface, and is estimated to have occurred about 100 million years ago. Experience has shown that diamond hole in a pipe or a glass of wine and the magnitude of the effects Reserved.

A type of volcanic rock Kember anthropogenic pressure pipes have been found Periodontists. Even paralysis (rare events) in the regions of the earth's crust. South Africa, Siberia and the wider dissemination of internal events in stable, but even these pipes North America, Australia, Brazil, India, if any. Not all diamonds man Kember. When found the diamond at least one hundred percent of the rock was formed.

Overall, less than the size of the diamonds one carat diamond found near the hole. Usually the size of the head or below the rim game. Diamonds come in several different colors, but found the three most common colors of brown and white and yellow, in this system. The 2-40 carats of diamonds from the relatively large size, are detected, but this is rare occurrence. And are usually hollow diamond easily a well-rounded. They glow of metal and generally, I E. Light goes transparent, but you can not see the other side.

There are a number of other metals of the diamond as quartz, Amethyst, Garnet, peridot, agate, Jasper, calcite, Bartie is found in this area. All of the approximately 40 different rocks and minerals found in the crater is the site.

The discovery of diamonds in the park

Diamond was first discovered in 1906 in the region, and John bought a farm in the area of Wesley Huddle a ton. But before that two of the 1906 geologists locate potential diamond sites have been studied in terms of information, but could not find any diamonds. On August 8, 1906, while rock salt spread Huddle fever tonnes were in the area, and looked around in the mud for a few bright spots. Curiosity was created, the sector decided to overcrowding tonnes research drew attention, and two of dirt and gravel bright. Stones from the local banks ECJ rejected the bid 50 cents, Huddle tons of New York, which confirmed that two of diamonds and precious stones really an expert sent two of the stones. There are 3.0 carat diamond white stone, while the 15-carat yellow diamond.

The discovery of diamonds from t Huddle Pike Safety has created a diamond rush. Tons squatting next to a farm owned by Maureen M. Millard also had a gem located hole. The area of the diamond prospectors and fortune hunters, and a small town in a short period of Murfreesboro, one in South Africa, resides in Kimberley during the diamond rush in South Africa, near Cape increasing explosion atmosphere reminiscent the city received in the late 19th century. Finally, in the country, the diamond mining companies to compete full hole, Arkansas and Ozark diamond mining diamond mining company became the property of the company. During this period in 1924, and the biggest discovery of diamonds in the United States, Arkansas diamond mining company, at a later date the name Uncle Sam Diamond », was found by one of its employees. The next four decades, all companies involved in sporadic mining activity is the process of serious economic problems, mismanagement, litigation, compounded by sabotage. In addition to producing Khan was enough to continue my work for the expansion of activity . It was not economic, thus continuing the process, and the campaign from the beginning of the 1950s lived in me.

Website Development

In 1952 in cooperation with competing companies, mine owners, who knew very well prepared for further discovery was not significant, but the tourist attraction following the development of the site. It says that the novel opened to the public in my area after paying a nominal fee is approved, looking for diamonds and keep what they believe. Name the site "diamonds in the hole." Museum, gift shop, restaurants and promoted as a tourist attraction and place of the attack. The success of the project and a large volume of slightly over this period, found that many of the diamonds. And 15.33-carat "Star of Arkansas Diamond" in 1956 showed that a second diamond fever quickly. Other diamond 6.42 carat diamond was discovered in 1960 and include Gary Moore, and 34.25 carats, "Murfreesboro on" Star Search in 1964.

In 1972, the diamond was purchased by the State of Arkansas hole, and turned it into a crater of diamonds state park. New garden in the State General Administration of diamonds for a fee to allow the continuation of Scouting with the opening of policy and maintain it. Provision of facilities for visitors have improved considerably, and today not only in Garden State, but one of the main tourist attractions of the country. Some of the facilities available for visitors to campsites, picnic areas, a cafe, a model and that the rest of the suite, Laundry, gift shops, and hiking trails for long distances, and a park interpretive programs visitors, water sports and include the names of diamond fields, including springs. This site provides the history of geology and interpretive programs, park and provide some tips on recognizing diamonds explain. Diamond-mining equipment available for rent or purchase. Search for Diamond Discovery Center allows the identification of lines and the certification of diamonds and minerals.

More than 60,000 visitors each year to the park today is vote. They found more than 600 diamonds per year, per day on average, two diamonds are working. Since the discovery of diamonds in 1906 to more than 70,000 diamonds have been identified since the creation of the state park in 1972, over 25,000 diamonds found in the garden. The largest of the 1972 discovery of diamonds in the hole and became the Arkansas State Park, 16,37-carat white diamond "samba Amarillo" Amarillo, Texas fluid found Johnson in 1975. Approximately 15 carats in other size classes 3 to 9 carat diamond was found during this period.

Commercial mining at

In 1990, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton in the garden and a commercial exploration and mining lease was signed allowed. Consortium of four mining companies to obtain original research to start a full-scale mining on deep analysis of the possibilities. However, it is clear that the campaign of 1994 was not encouraging returns, to permit the full range of mining activities. Consequently, the companies decided to withdraw from the project. Further studies conducted in 1996, the results of previous studies, it appears that the popularity of diamonds crater of diamonds state park, with all the thrill and excitement associated with the fishing ground "in the current host.


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